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reathing Room-Charlotte Mason


Have you ever wished for a quiet place to sit and read? Maybe you envision a lovely antique parlor full of vintage lace and velvet chairs. Amidst the stacks of books and containers of crayons, you might dream of a quiet afternoon surrounded by soft, beautiful things.

Perhaps a comfortable recliner is more your cup of tea! Or you might possibly dream of a hammock stretched between two trees. On days when nothing is going right, I long for a place in the sunshine - outdoors! My perfect place to catch some Breathing Room would be an old English-style garden complete with lavender, foxglove and hollyhocks. 

So...until we each have that perfect place (and assuming that it is this side of heaven) stop by here anytime you need some Breathing Room. Sit back, relax, make yourself a cup of tea, read and learn more about Charlotte Mason and a living education. It is my sincere hope that you find refreshment during your visit here.                     


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